I did my Master’s in English literature in June 1997 from Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. My focus was on Linguistics and Literary Theory in addition to other genres of English literature like Poetry, Prose, and Drama. As a capstone project, I studied Nathaniel Hawthorne’s fiction The Scarlet Letter from New Historical feminist perspective and analyzed it in terms of other social, cultural, and historical dimensions that have shaped and reshaped the protagonists as social and historical constructs of the authoritative male-dominated Calvinist society.

After my Master’s in English, I was more interested in further exploring other genres of English studies; I then joined M. Phil. in English Studies in 2001, and completed 24 graduate credits from Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research, Pokhara University, Kathmandu, Nepal in 2003. This academic platform provided me an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the other emerging genres of English Studies, such as Rhetoric and Writing; Ethnic Identities; Recents Trends in Critical Theories; Sociolinguistics; Globalization; and other Postcolonial and Non-Western literatures.

I also completed my Master’s in English with a focus on Rhetoric and Composition from University of Louisville, Louisville, KY in May 2009. As I pursued my Master’s in the US, I took the courses, among others, such as Interdisciplinarity in Rhetoric and Composition:  Critical Literacy, Pedagogy and Its Discontents; Writing Center Theory and Practice; Teaching College Composition; History of Rhetoric; Topics in Interpretive Theory: 20th-Century Theories of Language; Teaching of English as a Second Language. As I became more interested in the area of teaching and composition, I chose a topic based on fast capitalism and its effects on the education system in the US. My implication in this final project was that  in the process of providing distributed knowledge and services to students, the education system today is implicitly serving the interests of fast capitalism.

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